We recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing business located in the heart of our own community in Corvallis, Oregon.  The Kento Hibachi On Wheels serves amazing food and had a great location but as people walked by it daily or drove pass without notice, this Kento truck wanted the community to know what they had to offer to down town Corvallis. T.V. commercials certainly weren’t going to be the answer for a small food truck. With high priced commercial production and then paying $1000 a month to run a spot that doesn’t guarantee an ROI would be quite the gamble for a food truck.

When we connected with Kento we showed them what they were capable of, with so many free advertising platforms out there at their disposal. These platforms are social media sites that our society has become enamored with. You know them, because you yourself and all your friends and family are on them all the time.

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Lets look really quick at the quality of what we have done for Big Business’s.

This is Cal Portland, they employ 100’s of Oregon’s local men and women. The idea that this quality and ingenuity only belongs to the fat cats and big boys of business is not a fact.

How can we approach a food truck trying to provide this quality and content to them?    It seams like it would cost them everything they had to bring this type of video production to a business the size of a bathroom.  Even then, if they weren’t going to use it for television where and how can they use it? It has so many business owners shaking their head, not knowing where to begin.

The people of Kento believed that we could provide and bring them something they can give their audience, meanwhile creating more traffic through total optimization of their social media sites.


Just by posting this video alone on Facebook they were flooded with amazing feedback from the surrounding community.

The post below was well received by many in our community.                                                14k people viewed the video, 66 people shared, 262 reacted, and 43 people commented. This didn’t just get attention on facebook alone, this post continues to increase foot traffic for Kento.  The ROI for the video and photography paid for it’s self within the month and then some.


#corvallisoregon #eugeneoregon #portlandoregon #albanyoregon #oregon #portland #downtowncorvallis #japanesefood #asain #food #foodtruck #foodporn #foodblog #pnw #oregon #osu #oregonstateuniversity #oregonfootball #traveloregon #oregoncoast

Creative and new techniques like this are becoming a large part of the store front’s foundation and ability to thrive.  Something like this can help hit your goals through the year, whether it’s new equipment, a make over, or another location, advertising on a social media platform with the right content can boost sales and make those dreams happen.

“When change is inevitable, there still is an option left – consider the better version of Change”
― Priyavrat Thareja

Consider Priyavrat’s in your own scenario, our culture has changed but it’s changed significantly in your favor, the ball is always in your court in today’s day and age.           It’s what you make of it that can take the effect on your business.

We at Next Level Media fully understand this, we are constantly looking at the growing opportunities that hit the theoretical shelf of social media. We must know how to use and optimize each outlet so that we can answer those questions for our own clients.

I want to inspire all who read this to look at the full spectrum, and see how the scope of the imagination can connect with people physically and emotionally drawing them in to your store front just to be apart of your story.

Next Level Media is here to captivate your audience.

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Our entire culture has made some big changes within the last ten years, and due to social medias takeover of television and radio advertising, it’s come to the point where a sandwich board outside your store front is no longer catching the eyes of your audience. With everyone on their phones, laptops, or any mobile device it’s making it harder and harder for a business to provide the right platform to their audience.
By staying true to your business and what you already provide to your community the only thing that needs to change is the awareness of where your targeting strategies are, what your putting your advertising budget into, and how to connect with those through the social media that is free and at your disposal.
I know how to target that audience through using todays basic media sites drawing in new customers using a interactive movement that brings people into your store front. People are telling their story and their life adventure through social media and want to share the coolest places, the best food, retail shops, activities and local events with everyone.
Your Facebook is already a platform designed for you to interact with your audience. Your Instagram is already a platform designed for you to interact with your audience. Twitter is already a platform designed for you to interact with your audience. The question is, are you utilizing those “Doors” for your audience to walk through? Are they letting their friends, family, and their 1000’s of followers know that your location is a local hotspot?
Are you sharing and using your story and your store front to its fullest potential? Does the community find you intriguing enough to venture out and join you?
What is good content? Good content is you telling your story through videos and photos story on a J. R. R. Tolken (Author of Lord Of The Rings) level. Videos from either you yourself or customers how that take video of themselves and then directing their followers, friends and family to join in on their experience. Photos of food are all over Instagram, and that is popular content within it’s self but a social media site that has repetitive content is simply passed up for the next great place with the next best content.
What is a movement? A movement is almost like a game or reward your followers or viewers receive for participating and joining you either on your store front or on your social media. Giving incentive for showing up and making sure they come back again. It could be a raffle, a game, a prize, or something big that you do for your guest.
So many of these strategies are being used right now in places all over because our culture wants to be entertained with this kind of interaction.
With VCO Creative Consulting I provide an amazing platform for all your social media needs. Everything designed to your specific audience with excellent call to action content.
We will discuss the who, what, when where and how and customize your story.

What are you selling?
Don’t just sell your product and be done with your audience, sell a VIP platform that lets your audience know that there is more to come and they are a part of that.

What is your return rate for repeat business?
What do you provide to your first-time customers that can get them back in a second or third time? A punch card after 10 punches they can enter a raffle for something, this would-be incentive.

What is your niche?
Are you the one shop in the area that provides “A” to your audience or every Thursday between 6-9 you provide free “B”?

How are you different?
It’s not always the best location, or more financial gain that can put you on top of your game. Sometimes it’s something like an idea, or a strategy you have that can strengthen your image.

What is your strong suit?
Your strongest suit may be something you didn’t recognize before and or didn’t know you had that could be utilized in marketing strategies.

Organic growth vs Marketing pushers
Growing because you put the work and communication in, or growing because you use companies to spam your audience. Be your own voice and tell your own story rather than employing a company with a disconnect to who you really are.

Social Media
Using the right photos, the best interaction, and the proper incentive along with the full 30 hash tags on Instagram in it’s self can draw attention to your location and make your audience feel like they belong at your store front.

Facebook Page
Constant updates, photos, events, and even going live with your audience on FB can draw everyone in. New shipment of dresses, New recipes, Todays special, special give away, mention this add and receive discount!!! All interaction that you can use to target new customers, interact with the customers you have, get return customers, and eventually first name basis regulars. All of them who share their experience on their social media with their 1000’s of that is organic growing.

So now that you get the idea of social marketing on a business level… get to it! You can only fail at it so many times before you start succeeding in it!


followers. That’s Organic growing!

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